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Weekend Report April 23-24

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Welcome to the weekend fishing report with me Mike Henderson. Another windy week and weekend but people were out and about. The Lake Oahe Pikemasters tournament out of the Outpost was won with 45 pounds and the biggest northern caught was just over 18#. They battled rain, sleet, hail and wind that was supposed to blow out of the south, but as usual was out of the north. Continuing on with the walleye, a few fish being caught those that are caught are looking very healthy. The game fish and parks did not go out over the weekend to do their nets because of the high winds. The cat fish started biting in the bays as well as northern fishing with smelt. The Lake Sharpe fishing report is jigs, minnows and plugs from the dam all the way down to West Bend. I have no report on the small mouth bass but they will start biting shortly we need a little stable weather. Fishing will be great. Remember to pull your plugs. Take a child fishing and enjoy the experience!

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